Saturday, August 17, 2013

Random thoughts;...

Doing a little surfin thru google + this morning and I stumbled onto this, which I absolutely love  - I really dig all the maps this guy creates as well (Dyson Logos)  I've been tryin to emultate them and failing miserably so I'm just taking a few cues from his style and moving on to something that's more me.  :) I think that's the point isn't it?

I had a really interesting idea for an adventure, after watching Percy Jackson and Sea Of Monsters (Movie) which BTW was pretty decent, good story line, however don't go see it 3D as it kinda blows, not a lot of the over the top 3D that your used to when going to a 3D movie.

So that being said I've got a cool idea for a adventure involving as many mythical Greek/Roman creatures as possible, a quick flip thru Basic Fantasy's creature's and I got Pegasus, Minotaurs, Golems (Greek statues) Hydra, and the list goes on... (also can't remember all of them at the current moment).  I'm guessing this is going to have to be for higher level PC's though.

Have a good weekend!

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