Wednesday, January 15, 2014

If Batman was a D&D Character

Just reading a "showcase" Batman graphic novel lately, its a collection of stories in B&W from the 60's, which are my absolute favs! The cheese, etc.  Of course my brain goes to D&D and I start thinking, Hmmm Batman would be an interesting character to play right?  First off he's not super human, he's just human.  He doesn't use deadly weapons, or weapons at all really.

So my thoughts are the following, obviously he would need a reasonably high Strength attribute, as he does most of his fighting using his fists.  Intelligence of course would also have to be high as he's a detective first and foremost.  and of course Dexterity would also have to be quite high, as he's quick, and uses a lot of thief type skills.  

I"m thinking he would be a fighter/thief.  A thief not so much because he steals anything, but he follows thief's and tracks them down, so he needs to "know his enemy" per se.  All the thief skills would be super handy and relate directly to the Batman character, other than pick pocketing.

As far as weapons go, this is what I got so far.

Fists (not sure of the brawling rules) but I"m thinking 1D4+1 (or 2 depending on STR) and he would be able to use both in one attack round.

Boomerang - 1d6 or 1d4 maybe, can use ever other round, as it doesn't return to his hand right away.

2 balls together on a string - I can't think of the name of this device, but when you throw it at peoples feet it wraps around there legs and they fall.  Maybe it does 1D2 damage, the real thing is it subdues the enemy.

Small Crossbow with grappling hook - not used for fighting, but for scaling walls, etc

As far as armor is concerned, I'm guessing about AC 6 (13) made out of heavy leather.  Including steel gauntlets that act as a shield, adding one extra point of AC (reflected in original total).

Well that's all I got for now, its a bit early in the morning.

Thoughts? What about other Characters out there? any other super heroes come to mind?