Monday, January 27, 2014

Movement in OSR/D&D

Played a rousing game of Herosquest last night, and it got me thinking about D&D.  My players quite liked the use of miniatures and visualization of the game, rather than theatre of the mind kinda stuff.   A few things pooped into my head, which I believe I've discussed before.  However I'm going to reiterate them for my own purposes here anyways.

First off, I have Dragonstrike & Dragon Quest at home as well as Herosquest, all of which come with some cool game boards.  I'm considering writing adventures for basic fantasy around these.  The thing that comes to mind is movement.  I have to double check the rulings in basic fantasy to see if they have movement rates in the book.  I guess the question comes to mind, is how to deal with it?  Atleast as far as the PC's are concerned.

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