Monday, May 12, 2014

I finally had a chance to try roll20 today

It was quite a lot of fun actually.  I just had some surgery, so I'm laid up on the couch right now (fair warning more mindless blog posts to come).  Anyways I was invited by +Richard Pilliard to play in the "World Of Pain" campaign

Richard created his own set of rules based on some old school ideas, and with some roll20 and ascending AC thrown in for good measure.  As I've played a little bit of D&D I had a good idea of what we were doing, although it was all text, there was a bit of confusion but that happens.

So we are off on some crazy quest to kill some brigands, I was doing my best to roleplay, getting fairly drunk in the pub, so much so that I think I would have had a penalty for any attack roll (hahah).  Richard had this equipment list, a roll 100 basically 3 times, I wound up with a canoe and spade and a dog named randy!  The canoe came in handy, I told the other player that it was in fact insured by "Geico Goblin.... 15 mins can save you 15% or more".  Anyhow we camped for the night , actually it was late afternoon, but I had a bit of a hangover from having drank 3 pints and then canoe'd my ass off for a few miles.  One guy went in search of some wild life to kill and possibly eat, ran into HIPPO! and not just any hippo, but one of the most bad assed hippos ever.  I joined the fight, as my PC's grand father had been trampled by a hippo and died.  So I ran into battle shouting "MY NAME IS RANNICK STORMENDER, YOU KILLED MY GRANDFATHER....PREPARE TO DIE"...  Unfornatly the damn hippo ran my ass over on the first round, did 14 points of damage.  I was at -2 "hovering" I guess.  and then my wife came home to make supper.  So I told the guys, drag my ass back to town and let me sleep it off.  Instead they looted my body apparently, ah shit.

Lots of fun, I'd do it again.

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