Wednesday, July 2, 2014

MF premise

Couldn't sleep last night as I had the premise for my Mutant Future campaign rolling around my head.  First off I"m going to try and create a fairly low level Hex crawl, with a reasonable amount of findable tech in it.  Just so the players can feel like they are making some headway as it goes on.  (Thank god for Anyhow, the start of the premise is the following:

Either the adventure starts in a Slavers Jail with all the PC's locked up, or the players have just escaped with the help of a friendly medic Android named J.O.R.G.E (I have to figure out what the acronym is going to be) but he will have a fun Mexican accent :)

The world/hex will be based on just south of me, into the what was once the United States, basically Pembina North Dakota, which is a fairly small border town.  (It actually is this is where we buy booze on our way back from the states.)  Obviously there's going to be a few military installations stateside, that I"m not aware of, but there is also the Canadian forces base "Shilo" which isn't that far from where I am (Winnipeg).  The plan for Winnipeg is that its going to be the hub of Slaver / Morlock activity.  Which I"m going to work on a little later.  The plan is to not have it on that actual map quite yet.

Anyways, at this point that's the plan, although I'm sure there  will be a few tweaks.  I'll throw up the finished "module" lol on the blog when I get it cooked.

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