Monday, July 21, 2014

The Big Bang?

So I've been thinking a lot about the "History" of my planned mutant future campaign.  After reading thru the rules, there's a few ideas that sprang to mind.  On of which was the "incident with the super collider".  This could be a very real possiblility.   I've been slowly working on a hex map for the campaign, that will be based in my area, and so that I don't have to be exact as far as my measurements on the map and where the towns are placed, I decided on the following.

The year is 6014 AD, Earth.  In the year 2078 there was a accident at the Cern Large Hadron Collider. Something went awry, it could have been terrorists, lack of basic maintenance, the jury is still out.  When the accident happen, the world as we know it was literally turned upside down.  The resulting explosion started a chain reaction underground resulting in the swallowing up tectonic plates, land masses moved.  The Earth became 1/3 its original size.  As an example to travel from Pembina, North Dakota to Moscow, Russia (prior to the explosion) was 4753.22 Miles.  After the "accident" it is now only 1584.40 miles.

Because of the movement of the tectonic plates, whole countries & land were lost, being swallowed up into the inferno at the centre of the Earth.  The accident also caused extensive radiation thru out the planet.

Eventually the governments at the time reformed in what was as close to their original territory.  However disputes quickly started over land.   Wars broke out.  What was the U.S.A invaded what was left of Canada.

EDIT: This isn't completely done.  I should write a f**king book, where does this shit come from?

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