Tuesday, July 1, 2014

You can't make everyone happy or do I write system agnostic? #projectenormity

I've been working on project enormity for awhile now, and its slowly coming along.  I've redrawn my original maps, and I've started working on some more.  The biggest problem I'm running up against is what system to write for? I know the old adage of "You can't make everyone happy" but there has to be a line there that will work for everyone.  Here is what's on my mind so far...

Swords & Wizardry - this system seems to appeal to a lot of people, I personally like the 1 saving throw thing, and the fact that it includes ascending and descending AC its awesome for writing.  I tend to wonder, has anyone who plays Basic/Lab Lord used a S&W module with any issues?

LL - I love this, and although I didn't grow up with Basic D&D, its a lot of fun.  My only problem with it, is the race/class thing (Race as a class?) whatever the case, I know if you personally grew up with it, its not an issue.

Holmes/Blueholme - The more I re-read this awesome little blue book, the more I love it.  The d6 damage thing threw me for a loop at first, but it makes sense to me, and its fast and easy to read.  and to write for! This is the way I"m leaning right now, however it brings up the "If I write for blueholme will it be playable for other systems".

I suppose the alternative is to just put stat blocks in for all 3 right?



All the stats are the same across the board,

Here we go.

Blueholme Orc
AC 6 HD 1d8 Damage 1d6  DEX 10.

LL Orc
Same! Ac 6 HD 1d8 Damage 1d6

Ac 6 HD 1d8 Damage 1d6

doesn't matter what system I use :)