Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Layout fun

Last night in a moment of silliness I spent about a half hour attempting to re-work the current layout and design of my mega dungeon.  It is currently very B/X looking, so much so that I've even considered doing the usual "RPG" cover ala KOTB, old D&D modules.  Of which I previously wrote about here.  Although I highly doubt it will stand out amongst all the competitors out there.  

There is something about that old school layout that works however.  2 columns and using a font like Soultane, and Souvenir just throw you right back to 1981.  Plus its easy as hell to read isn't it!  I was toying with the idea of using a background and changing fonts, but I just kept going back to that original look.  I also toyed with 3 columns, but it just seemed difficult.  I had read thru the temple of elemental evil, and that was on my caveat, damn hard to read.  
I guess we will see what time brings, I quite like the look of "A Red And Pleasant Land" and "No Country For Weak Men" (GET IT, ITS REALLY GOOD!) +Anders Hedenbjörk Lager 

Part of the reason for doing the old B&W layout is that is extremely cost effective, I plan to hopefully offer this bad boy up as POD.   But looking at the new version of D&D and pathfinder books that glossy sexiness just well, its glossy sexiness man!  

So I think I may continue to toy with scribus and some Inked Adventures stuff, see what I can't come up with.  Even if its for my own satisfaction. 

Of course I'm getting ahead of myself, I still need to write the rest of this! 


  1. No examples of the possible layouts you have created?

    I do like the simplicity of No Country for Weak Men.

  2. I have some examples, however they are currently at home I believe. :( I'll post it up later tonight.