Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Infestation Table

Random Infestation (1d10)
1.  Bedbugs keep you awake, loose one point of Constitution until you have a decent rest. 
2.  Provision's get rot from Insects, they are inedible.
3.  Stung by a wasp, and it turns out your allergic! - 2 Constitution -1 Strength, - 1D4 HP's
4.  A large swarm of Insects circles your head, making it difficult to sneak and remain hidden. - 15% on all sneak rolls.  Chance of being seen becomes 3 in 6. 
5.  FIRE ANTS! Swarm the campsite, lighting anything remotely flammable on fire.  AC 7, HD 2. 
6. A butterfly appears out of nowhere, it leads you to a location where there is a small sack of gold.  
7.  Strange worm burrows into your sack/backpack, before you realize it all of your stuff has fallen out on the ground.  
8.  Insects lay eggs in your ear while you are asleep, In 1d6 days you will suffer from a delirious state, stumbling about.  - 3 Intelligence, - 2 Dexterity.   
9.  Termites! have struck, any chest/wooden object you are carrying has holes in it.  
10.  Luminescent moths fly around campsite, lighting up the surrounding area. - 15% on all sneak rolls.  Chance of being seen becomes 3 in 6. 

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