Monday, March 9, 2015

The Ruined City Of Argna-Thar

Been doing a bit more writing this evening.  Here are a few excepts...

If a dwarf was to lay eyes upon Argna-Thar, it would be almost un-recognizable from its once mighty glory.  The Dagana have nearly destroyed all of the architecture within the city, replacing most with their own style of buildings.  In the centre of the main cavern the Dagana have slowly been building a large ramp up to the surface.  Argna-Thar lies within huge cavern, some 300 feet wide by 260 feet deep.  The cavern ceiling rises more than 200 feet above the buildings.  Below the main city is huge silver mine.  Across from the main cavern is a bridge that leads to a smaller cavern.  The nobility of the Dagana live here.  Living amongst the Dagana are a few tribes of Orcs, Goblins & Ogres.   The total population of Argna-Thar is approximately 300 souls.  

Important NPCs

Daimyo Adachi Ujimasa – Adachi is a ruthless warlord, second only in command of the armies of Argna-Thar to THE BIG BOSS himself.  Over the past 80 years he has proved himself in battle time and again. 

The Gates of Argna-Thar

The large gates of Argna-Thar are made of steel; they stand 50 feet high and are about 20 feet wide.  They are guarded by a contingent of Dagana soldiers.  There is an entrance fee to the City of Argna-Thar of 60 GP’s per person.  There is also a stipulation that anyone entering the city must tie a small black leather cord to the hilt of their weapon, making it difficult to draw it quickly.  Dwarves are not allowed anywhere close to the city; they will usually be fired upon as they walk up the great steps to the gates.  If a Dwarf can prove that he/she is not a ancestor of the Argna-Thar dwarves, and that he/she is Chaotic in nature, the guards may let them pass.  

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