Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Interesting Henchmen NPC's

A quick little random henchmen table.  Roll 1d12, or pick one that suits you.

1.  Galwain - Human Warrior, lost his leg in a freak farming accident, tells everyone the reason he has a peg leg is because of a alligator bite.

2.  Rain-ah - Elf,  After leaving her home in search of adventure, Rain-ah fell madly in love with Pies! She is still quite a capable warrior, albeit slower than most.

3.  Razoule - Wizard, Razoule accidentally blew up his master when he was at school, even since then he has been a bit gun shy to use magic.  He's attempted to learn how to fight like a warrior, but fails miserably.

4.  Fingle - Halfling.  Fingle spent most of his early life pick pocketing in major cities, His crimes eventually caught up with him.  In a public display his left hand was cut off.  Since then he has become a wanderer never staying in one town for any longer than a week.

5.  Ralgar - Warrior.  Ralgar is very inquisitive, so much so that she tends to act first before thinking.

6.  Hermonah - Dwarf.  Most people tend to believe that there are only Dwarven men, Hermonah likes to point out that there are in fact Dwarven women!  If she's not out adventuring she can usually be found in a tavern spending her hard earned gold and participating (and usually winning!) drinking contests.

7.  Gurlarh - Cleric.  During Gurlah's child hood his great uncle was killed in a freak accident.  Ever since then Gurlarh believe's the ghost of his uncle haunts his every waking hour.  While a perfectly capable cleric and healer, he tends to have minor freaks outs and talks to himself.

8.  Roolandh - Warrior.  The most pompous uppity twit you've ever met.  If you have a story, he has one better, if you have a long sword, he has a gold long sword.  He refuses to spend time in less than ideal locale's.  More often than not when he is faced with a situation that is not up to his standards he will just up and leave.

9.  Aleah - Thief.  Aleah is more of a swashbuckler than a thief, having grown up as the daughter of a Pirate captain.  She's more comfortable hanging out with men.  Always up for adventure, the more challenging the better!

10.  Berton - Wizard.  Berton is obsessed with nature and animals.  When wandering the country side he will stop every half a mile to digest some interesting insect, or plant.  A doddler.  Berton is also a problem gambler.

11.  Selar - Elf.  Selar was a prince, before his family was shamed and booted from the Elven city.  Selar has a brooding personality, and speaks very little.

12.  Zertey - Halfling.  Zertey is quite deaf, and blind in one eye.  He is very short for a halfling, standing only two and a half feet tall.  Although a bit old and shakey he is deadly in a fight, and his aim is almost unbeatable.

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