Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Creative Ways To Kill Off Those Pesky NPC's

Conversation with DM, "I need to find some creative ways to kill off some of these NPC"s".


1.  Traps!
2.  Running head first into pits of slime
3.  Poisoning by ale
4.  Caught stealing beheaded.  or hands cut off.
5.  Found out significant other is pregnant.  (alternatively found out they are pregnant) must go home take care of offspring.
6.  Working for enemy, lets out a bit of info that is very valuable.  killed with poison dart.
7.  Mild heartattack
8.  Dysentery from Gnomish food.
9.  Found disemboweled in back alley. 
10.  Complications from STD's.

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