Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mini Setting - The Continent Of Crimhuk - The Festival Of Fools

The city of Yahleui, is known for its longstanding festival, the "Festival Of Fools".   So much so that the city has also been dubbed "The City Of Fools".  The festival takes place every 3 months to celebrate the changing of the seasons.  The entire populace dresses up as Jester's/Fools for the celebration.

The festival dates back many years, at one point there was a Jester in the court of the king, who found himself madly in love with the Queen.  He would meet her whenever he could, steal kisses on the run.  The tryst did not last long however, the king's guard found out and the Jester was sentenced to death.  His body was hung from the tallest tower of the castle for a week straight.

The festival is in celebration of love, and the anti establishment.  As the political landscape of Yahleui has changed over the years.  There is no longer a king or monarchy.  The city is ruled by a tribunal of the merchant's guild, and the people are for the most part free to do what they will.
Any hero's entering the city during the festival will look quite out of place if they are not dressed up in a jester's costume.  Thankfully most merchants will sell hats & garb to dress up.

During the festival crime also rises, as it is quite difficult to accuse a would be thief who is dressed up exactly like everyone else!

A very large stuffed Jester will always hang for a week straight at the gates of the city, in memory of the unknown jester who started the whole festival.  The tower he hung from has since been destroyed, along with the rest of the original castle.  Some say that there are ruins beneath it, filled with treasure that was never recovered.

Table Of Events. 
Whilst wandering thru the city during the festival you may come across one of the following events. 

1.  A gaggle of Jester's break out in song, about love lost.
2.  A contest for the best and funniest Jester takes place within a crowded square.
3.  A gang of Jester's have just finished robbing a local merchant stall, they make a break for it.
4.  2 guards from the Merchant's guild are trying to politely move a beggar, who is refusing to leave his spot.  All of which are dressed as Jester's
5.  A large group of children are playing a game of "kick ball".
6.  A puppet show detailing the account of the Jester is taking place in a market stall.

More information on the city of Yahleui is forthcoming.

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