Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hour of the dragon - Robert E. Howard

I've been plowing thru a metric butt ton of Robert E Howard's stuff.

Currently reading "The Hour Of The Dragon".  And every single moment of this story, I keep thinking to myself, this would make a PERFECT event based adventure.  I know a lot of us don't like to hand hold players, or railroad them.  However using the story line as it stands, there's lot of possibilities for it to "go off the rails".  The story can be used as a great starting point for an adventure.  And if you are so inclined to have a few "events", then there is more than enough to get those creative juices flowing.

At one point, (sorry a bit of a spoiler).  Conan escapes and is trying to get the hell out of dodge.  Cue a "city escape" random encounter table.

Rolls a 5 - Hmm well you went down a street and it turns out to be a dead end.  The bad guys are about 10 steps behind you.  What do you want to do?


Seriously this is an amazing work of fiction, and considering how long ago it was written.

I can totally understand why people pick up and run barbarians of lemuria.  A fighting fantasy campaign would work well with these story too!

Often when reading AFF adventures, they are written out in a event based, story board kind of thing.  At least the older adventures were.

I know.... railroading.  I think the biggest trick is to be able to change with the players plans, and jump to something new, wing it if you have to!

Anyways, read the story if you have a chance its quite good!

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