Monday, April 4, 2016

knock, knock, anyone there?

Hey everybody, I know I've been mildly quiet on the blog latetly.  A lot of "life" has been happening lately, leaving a bit less time for bloggin, rpg stuff in general.  I have a few maps currently on the go that I'm going to try and get to in the next little while.  As well I have a adventure for Crimhuck I've been working on.  It still needs a lot of details however!  The plan is to put it up on the blog in parts as it gets written.

OH and I almost forgot this weekend we are re-convening the adventurers to delve back into the Abyss.  I'm rather excited to be playing my cleric with the tongue that's a bit to big for his mouth!  So there should be a play report come monday.  As usual I'm hoping for a lot of good laughs, and maybe a couple of extra notches carved into my mace.

Reminder... pray to deity, get spells, heal people.

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