Tuesday, March 29, 2016

d100 things that are in pockets

Whilst pick pocketing an unsuspecting victim, you may find more than you bargained for.
Whenever a thief pick pocket's someone, roll on this table with percentile dice.

1.  3 SPs
2.  False teeth 
3.  Obscured treasure map
4.  Love letter
5.  Small silver dagger
6.  A set of rusty keys
7.  Pocket lint
8.  A flint & steel 
9.  A tent peg
10.  A set of strings for a lute
11.  A few crushed herbs
12.  Small change purse, no gold
13.  A needle and thread
14.  Small whetstone
15.  3 beans
16.  Lyrics and music to a song
17.  Small cracked mirror
18.  Small finger trap (1d4 damage)
19.  A few wooden puzzle pieces 
20.  Carved pipe
21.  Contract for murder
22.  A rabbits foot
23.  Leather sling
24.  1 six sided dice
25.  A religious symbol
26.  Small book with poems
27.  Brass ring
28.  3 playing cards
29.  Bottle of poison
30.  A children's toy top
31.  Bits of leather straps
32.  Small bone statue of an elk
33.  Letter of acceptance into a mage's school
34.  Blue crystal
35.  Arrow head
36.  Purple ladies gloves
37.  A spell book containing 3 - 1st level spells
38.  10 CPs
39.  A tooth from a large cat
38.  Leather key chain with no keys
40.  A letter from a local lord
41.  A jar of mysterious salve
42.  A few chicken bones
43.  The eye of a monster
44.  A note about taxes being overdue
45.  Wine cork
46.  Small telescope/sextant
47.  Nail file
48.  Comb
49.  Folded piece of cloth with a wolf embroidered on it.
50.  Small petrified head
51.  Feather from rare bird
52.  A couple of small round stones
53.  Loose tea in a leather pouch
54.  Gold bracelet (30 GPs)
55.  Brass lock picks
56.  A wool cap
57.  A piece of moldy cheese
58.  A note regarding a merchant caravan needing guards
59.  A four leafed clover
60.  A pair of smelly socks with holes in them
61.  Small bottle containing yellow liquid
62.  The bill of a duck
63.  A morbid shopping list (random body parts)
64.  A sash with a skull embroidered on it.
65.  A book detailing the rise and fall of an old empire
66.  A set of glowing large stones
67.  A bloodied rag
68.  Hair clip
69.  A fishing hook and some line
70.  Small hand tools
71.  A severed finger
72.  Necklace with green stone
73.  A bag of seeds
75.  A small rolled up tapestry depicting a battle scene
76.  A small rodent (1d4 damage bite)
77.  A vial containing slime that is moving
78.  Belt buckle
79.  A promissory note for gold
80.  A handkerchief
81.  A letter detailing a plot to overthrow the local government
82.  A gold piece with a hole drilled thru it
83.  A recipe for mead
84.  A knuckle bone
85.  Bits of gold thread (5 SPs)
86.  Hand paper fan
87.  A potion of healing
88.  Small water pouch
89.  A pair of rose coloured glasses
90.  A torn parchment
91.  Dagger +1
92.  A ring of invisibility
93.  A broken hilt from a sword
94.  A map to a city underground
95.  Tobacco rolled in a large leaf
96.  A scroll containing a 1st level spell
97.  A small metal sundial
98.  Hand drawn picture of a lonely cave entrance
99.  Keys to a local tavern
100.  Vial of oil for a lantern

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