Monday, November 14, 2016

Talk to your players

As you probably already know I've been planning a mutant future campaign.  Last night I was doing a bit of research on Thundarr The Barbarian (BTW there's a lot of great resources on the show, however there are not any actual episodes on youtube that I could find).  Anyways, things are going well with the campaign plans.  I've been mining all the great tables at and using for a bunch of stuff as well.

This morning I decided to pose the question to the group:

Random Question.  I'm currently working on the mutant future campaign.  Thus far its set in post apocalyptic Manitoba.  The question is the following:  1.  Would you like it a bit more grittty like fallout? or 2.  More gonzo Saturday morning cartoon (he-man) with a mix of MF & DnD? (ie you get spells and stuff).

So far it looks like we are going gritty! Which was sort of the way I was swaying anyways.  This information is going to allow me a few things.  First and foremost I'm not planning any encounters.  The world is going to be filled with bad guys a LOT tougher than the PCs.  Secondly since it's going to be taking place in Canada, I'm creating a weather chart with windchill!  Because we will be playing over the winter everyone is going to be cold anyways so it's not going to be much of a step to play a character in a frozen wasteland.

-40C, blowing snow, heavy wind
-10C, light snow, light wind
-15C, wet snow, light wind
-5C, calm, no wind
-15C, light snow, heavy wind
-30C, clear, no snow, light wind
-45C, heavy snow, heavy wind
-5C, sleet, heavy wind
-0C, no wind, no snow, nice day
-20C, overcast, heavy wind
-25C, light snow, no wind
-10C, heavy wind feels like -25C