Friday, November 25, 2016

We settled on a gaming room!

So good news, we settled on which room to use as the gaming room, in the basement!  Originally I had planned on a different room, but the one we choose has a lot more light which is good.

The room is filled with some old posters, some are kinda D&D and some are not.  Including a ministry of silly walks one, which is awesome.  (and somewhat the way I run D&D anyways).

The other bare walls are going to be filled with my 2e Forgotten Realms maps, Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind maps!  (Stole that idea from +Thaumiel Nerub who posted a framed Skyrim map awhile ago).

As well my father in law won a brand new beer fridge at his golf windup, so that'll be going down there, as well as a wine cooler fridge.

Speaking of golf, in an effort to clean up that room I am going to have to find a home for 3 sets of old golf clubs.  Anyone want em? hahaha

And 2 old bikes.

So the next few weeks we are slowly going to clean up and move things around.  We have a pile of old boxes from TVs and things that need to be cut up and thrown in the recycle bin.

I'll have to find one more table for the DM area.  My boss gave me some super cool old 70's kitchen chairs, that have wheels on em.  That'll be good.

Anyhow it's coming along! at least the planning stages thus far.

Have a good weekend! Today is black friday, and it appears that there are some sales over at OBS.

(and of course all the 3 Toadstools stuff is pay what you want! So if you don't have em you can grab em).

And as usual we watch "Zach & Miri make a porno" this weekend, as there are entertaining references to black friday in it.  Although I'm thinking a bit of Python might also be in order for this weekend.

Tomorrow we return to Strahd's castle!  My cleric may kick it.

*At lunch today I'm going to start working on a mutant future screen, I'll post it when I'm done.  Just a redo for myself, with a few encounter elements from B/X.

If your looking for something to read go check out +Tim Shorts latest post, lots of great OSR resources over there.

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