Thursday, November 24, 2016


I really love our little community of like minded OSR/RPG folks.  More often than not latetly I've been having extremely tiring/bad days at work, and in all honesty interacting with all of you makes my day go by quicker, it makes me smile, and more often than not I learn something.

I may not seem like I'm "down"  mentally because a lot of the time I'm humorous online.  There's a lot of random crap going on in my life, including work that has really just boggled me.  In some senses "i'm waiting for something to happen", if that makes any sense whatsoever.

I digress,

Honestly I just want to say thank you!

A kind word goes a long way, even if your not aware of it.

Here's a random table of Orc Deformity's/Personality Conflicts (d12)

1  Missing An Eye
2  Has a short tail
3  Has an actual pignose! It's even pink.
4  Was married once, and holds a secret grudge, (she left him for a much uglier orc)
5  Feels like an outsider, is a better gardener than a warrior
6  Really bad acne
7  Purple hair!
8  Son in law of a warlord, will do anything to make the "old man" happy
9  Prefers dwarven mead to Orcish Ale
10  A very skilled dancer
11  Crossbreed between an Orc and a horse (Orctaur)
12  Very small wings, that won't quite lift him off the ground

So I went looking for a "friend" meme, and I found this, cuz you know the TV show friends.  And then I realized that you might take me up on the brownie thing,  I also realized there's an extremely good chance that I have A.D.D.  So here's a Brownie Recipe

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