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A brief history of the continent of Crimhuck

A brief history of the continent of Crimhuck

10,000 years ago
The race known as the Thaylians lived on the continent of Crimhuck.  They were harmonious and brilliant.  The thaylians built huge cities powered by steam from the underworld.  The cities have since been covered by years of sand and wear, most of them cannot be located.  Nothing is widely known about this race, as it has been lost in time.  Above ground they used Neanderthal slaves to build tracks of metal to transport goods to and from their cities.

8,000 years ago.  
During a time of relative peace between the nations of the Thaylians, a huge event happened.  A race of aliens resembling huge eight foot tall lizardmen came to Crimhuck.  These were known as the destroyers.  They wreaked havoc on the continents resources, warred against the Thaylians, and albeit destroyed the civilization.  During this outright devastation most of the Thaylian cities and population were destroyed, the remaining Thaylians moved into the depths never to be seen or heard from again.  The alien race known collectively as “the Yat” settled in the southern part of the continent deep within the swamp lands.  There they interbred neanderthal humans and giant lizards, to create a race similar in their own image.  The thought was of course to re populate their losses and interbred.  As time passed the Yat were successful in creating a lizardmen race, however experiments to colonize failed.  Slowly most of the Yat died off from exposure and disease. 

7000 years ago
A different race of Aliens showed up on Crimhuck, this was a race of Greys, their main intention was as explorers.  Learning from different worlds.  They made contact with the Gar in the throes of their extinction.  A rift was caused between the two, and a ruler of the Gar was killed during treatment.  The Greys spent what time they could, learning about the continent, and left as quickly as they came.

2000 years ago
The humans of the Isle of Tunga managed to create water vessels and started to explore.  They found the continent and quickly built the city of Yahleui.  Slowly they started to explore the continent but were thwarted more oft than not from the harshness of the land.  A few sister cities were created, some of which have lasted. 

500 years ago
From a different land came the Harr Gar, raiders and adventurers.  Their sole purpose was to take as many riches as they could find and go home with them.  As time went on they built the small village of Tilla, a bounce off point for raids further to the south.  The city of Yahleui has been sacked many times over the years by the Harr Gar and their descendants.  .

Present Day

Most of the past is buried in the sand and the world has overgrown back to it’s original form.  The old civilizations have crumbled and been lost in time.  Rumours of course exist but nothing has been proven.  The city of Yahleui does a roaring trade in silver, the ruler continues to explore the vast reaches of space on Crimhuck.  Hoping to find new mines and resources to make a tidy profit.  Up along the coast the Harr Gar raid small villages, destroying all in their path.  The Lizardmen of the swamp go about their business shunning the outside world.  Deep within the desert something evil grows, mercenaries and slavers following a new and vicious religion.  Everywhere Neanderthals come out of caves shading their eyes to the warmth of the two suns that hang over heard.  In the swamps and forests large blood thirsty dinosaurs hunt their prey.  Occasionally a metal construct appears out of nowhere struggling to walk, steam blowing from its joints.  And in the sky there are always unexplainable things being seen.  This is Crimhuck.  

Note: Obviously Crimhuck is in the writing stages, eventually all do a big assed edit!  I noticed going thru previous posts I haven't been quite consistent as far as wether or not there are elves/dwarves etc.  That of course will be blow away at some point.  There are not any of those races, nor where there ever any.  This of course is a exercise in fun.  I haven't quite decided if the setting needs "steam punk" yet, and the existence of Aliens.  I'm leaning towards the space travelers, not quite sure on the steam guys yet.  Once again editing.

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