Friday, January 13, 2017

d20 Random Desert Encounters

Venturing out of the city of Yahleui on the continent of Crimhuck you enter into the the barren wasteland of the Regla desert. 
Obviously this could work for any (some) desert encounters. 

1.  A drunken wastrel sleeping under a cactus.  
2.  A small colony of unintelligent humans living in sand caves. 
3.  Group of hunters looking for a particular type of large snake.
4.  A very old stone structure, filled with weird runes that are unreadable. 
5.  An area that is extremely hazy, walking thru it could lead to another dimension entirely. 
6.  Sand storm!  find shelter. 
7.  A encampment that includes a witch who apparently can see the future. 
8.  Built into the side of a cave is a small gambling drinking den called the "Snake bite".  
9.  Weird metallic tracks that go on for miles, separated by 2 feet between them. 
10.  A very large, covered in sand half destroyed airship. 
11.  An eroded stone with markings on it, leading to a long lost treasure, (or certain doom?) 
12.  Two hungry pack animals tied to a cactus, beside them are the bodies of two humans, they are quite disheveled. 
13.  Over heard the vultures circle, the farther you travel, the farther they follow. 
14.  A pack of wild boars fighting a very large cat.  
15.  The skull of a giant beast, of which is four times the size of a horse. 
16.  A large nest made of random bits of vegetation.  Within it is a large human sized egg. 
17.  A group of travelers that are extremely lost, they are looking for a lizardmen city. 
18.  30 warriors dressed in light armour brandishing spears, emblazoned on their chests a red rose.  (These are members of a group of slavers).  
19.  Huge holes in the ground that are 20 feet wide, and unfathomably deep. (very large sandworm tunnels).
20.  A skeleton staked to a large wooden pole.  Around its neck is a pendant.  Inside a small note detailing a lost city and its whereabouts. 

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