Thursday, March 30, 2017

Just came to a random conclusion

That the Blue Baron is in fact Billy Corgan (well the on stage persona he plays).  Actually I may have come to this conclusion previously.

If you watch the video for Zero and Stand inside your love there are elements of masquerade in them.  As well "ava adore" posted below.  The song and album (adore) pull some inspiration from the movie "crash".

I intentionally used a font from Mellon Collie and the infinite sadness within the book because it A. looked cool, and B. I guess for a bit of throw back, head nodding inspiration.

I find it mildly interesting that the influence happened almost subconsciously.  Another project I was working on (which I still need to finish) I quoted a line from a pumpkins song.  As well the whole project was based around the "trip to the moon movie", which was a inspiration for the video for tonight tonight as well. (at least aesthetically anyways, I can't pretend to say that it was in fact inspired because I'm not a member of that band obviously).

I do rather enjoy pulling different personalities and characters out of pop culture, fiction etc and using them in D&D.  At some point I would like to use "Uncle Vernon" from Harry Potter.  I would probably use him as a rather oafish orc.

Ozymandias from the Watchmen is another perfect villain.  Actually just the way he is would be a perfect fit for some rather evil lord.

You can download "An invitation from the blue baron" here.

And here are d20 unique bad guys. 
Tired of the typical bad guys? Here's a d20 table with some strange ones.

1.  Vegetarian Ogre Tribe.
2.  Three Eyed Skunk Man Hybrid with a penchant for nice perfumes.
3.  An Honest Trader, with a dark secret.
4.  Insane Cult Leader, believes the world is flat.
5.  Crossbreed Dinosaur & Robot that is self aware.
6.  Punk Rock Minstrel Pixies.
7.  Piranha Men that can breath on land, and fly!
8.  Enraged Princess stuck between two planes of existence, appears as a shimmer.
9.  A demon who likes to spend time gardening.
10.  Vampire with a lust for collecting rodents.
11.  Old knight who was betrayed by his squire. 
12.  A monk who learned to bend time.
13.  A balding sorceresses looking for a wig of Chimera hair.
14.  A goblin tribe famous for their cheese, their herd of cows has been stolen by an unruly Minotaur.
15.  A human thief who has had his arms magically replaced with tentacles.
16.  A deposed lord with a major gambling addiction.
17.  A witch who made a pact with a evil allicorn. 
18.  Giant who spends most of his time building a fort made entirely out of large trees from nearby forest.
19.  Pirates trying to return an evil treasure.  (whoops stole that one!)
20.  The ghost of murdered bride (her husbands father was the murderer!).

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