Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Slinging Feces on the internet

Honestly slinging crap on the internet has got to be the stupidest past time that was ever created.

My personal opinion is as follows in regards to people who publish games:

1.  Is the product cool?
2.  Do I have the money?
3.  Will the product enhance my players gaming experience?

If all of those are a yes, I'm buying it.

Further to the slinging of feces.

Is the person who wrote the product a "this thing" or a "that thing".  Or were they accused of "this thing or that".

I don't honestly care, see above #1,2,3.

Just my opinion, social media can be the strangest thing. And in some cases, while it is a wonderful thing for community it can be extremely damaging.  Walk a mile, and treat people the way you would like to be treated.

I am fully aware that this post really has nothing to do with gaming per se, as far as cool tables and random shane things, however it was on my mind this morning. There is far too much of this crap that goes on. And I wanted to state my opinion that I give no shits haha.

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