Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Blog title retraction and Rakastas!

Alright so I titled yesterday's post "Making Fifth Edition more crunchy".  It really should have been "Making Fifth Edition more smooth peanut butter".  But that makes even less sense!  In reality it was a quick way to make Fifth edition more deadly.  However that title has been used to death already in blog posts.  As stated, if you want to make fifth edition more like an old school game, you can follow what I posted in the previous blog.  OR you could just play an old school game.

Now I've been working up the idea of running Isle Of Dread, and stumbled upon the fact that the Rakasta are not in fifth edition, so this tonight I'm going to take the stats from "Rage of the rakasta" and use the quick conversion guide, and start prepping.

One thing I was thinking about the other night, was in the DMG they placed the Isle of dread in the plane of water for some reason.  I guess just changing the lore a little bit.  The idea rolling around my head was to finish the starter set, and then somehow whisk the players off to the Isle of dread, either by taking a ship out of neverwinter, or maybe waterdeep.  I had a few ideas about running the "mere of the deadmen" after the starter set, and I still might.

*Please note if your one of my fifth edition players, I won't be running the starter set, mere of the deadmen or Isle of dread.  I will be running something entirely different than stated, so don't read ahead.

As a side note, I've been a bit quiet on the blog.  I honestly blame summer.  It's nice outside, I'm spending time on the deck enjoying the weather.  I'm going to guess that the 3 Toadstools blogposts will ramp up when it gets colder out.

That's my 2cents for the day.

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