Thursday, June 15, 2017

Stellar Adventures released on pdf

I'm stoked about this!  After a successful kickstarter Stellar Adventures has been released on pdf.   Stellar Adventures is based Advanced Fighting Fantasy, a role playing game set in space.  Written by +Graham Bottley and Johnathan Hicks. 

Here's the blurb. 

This standalone game will allow just about any type of SciFi adventures from soldiers in powered armour vs vicious alien monsters to the command crew of an imperial frontier explorer ship.  Small time traders moving between starports to space bounty hunters.  Dystopian robot hunters to rebels fighting against a corrupt government.
The core rules have all been planned out, and the first draft of several chapters have been written, but we would like interested KS backers to join the playtest of the game as soon as the campaign has finished.
The game has the same core rules as the fantasy version of AFF, but has new skills, talents, weapons, armour and rules.
The provisional Chapter list is:
     Chapter 1 - Hero Creation
     Chapter 2 - Game Rules
     Chapter 3 - Combat
     Chapter 4 - Equipment
     Chapter 5 - Robots
     Chapter 6 - Starships and Vehicles
     Chapter 7 - Psionics
     Chapter 8 - Aliens
     Chapter 9 - Trade and Organisations
     Chapter 10 - Setting Ideas
     Chapter 11 - Campaign Ideas
The book includes artwork from the original fighting fantasy game books: Rebel Planet, Star Strider and Robot Commando. 
It appears that the print copies are in the works as per the kickstarter 
"I am uploading the print versions today and so hopefully should be in a position to order test copies in a week or so"
Also I just noticed that the "Starship Catalog" has also been released on pdf: go here
This supplement for the Stellar Adventures RPG provides statistics and descriptions of a wide range of starships, component modules and weapons.  Presented as a Dealer’s Catalogue, every item here for sale is fully illustrated and includes a sales pitch from one of our highly experienced and knowledgeable salespeople (or salesrobot). 

Included within you will find:
53 Starships
26 Modules
10 Weapon Classes

Considering how well the updated version of AFF2.0 was written, I'm sure this will once again be a great rpg system to run.  Graham stuck with the original concepts and rules and tweaked them to fix the leveling problems in the original version of the advanced game.  I remember fondly playing Star Strider & Robot Commando when I was kid, and enjoyed them thoroughly.  It never dawned on me to use the aff rules to play a sci fi game, partially because for whatever reason when it came to RPGs for me it was all about the "dragons, dungoeons, elves, etc".  

I'm curious to see how this book is in relation to the AFF rules, I'm sure having both in hand you could do some interesting stuff.  Just like gamma world, you could run a game with characters starting off in a medieval society, and then getting better technology.  Or the mashup I've been working towards, a Thundarr the barbarian game!  

I like the starship catalog, it's cool having some extra mini's for games.  If you haven't checked out some of Graham's mini's please do, they pretty awesome.  Here's the link
Damn it I'm excited. 

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