Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tavern Rumours: The Return of the Blue Baron

In case the players decide to hit up the bar for an ale prior to jumping into the dungeon.  Just some flavour text. 

1. I don’t know what to think?  Now with the Baron gone, do my taxes go up? Down? Around?

2. Have you seen her yet? Oh she’s delightful.  Sorry I wasn’t talking to you.

3. Couple months back I saw some shady looking dwarves go into an old building, somewhere near town square.  They were carrying pickaxes.  What did they need those for I wonder? 

4. You know if it’s not one thing it’s another, a guy can’t get ahead in this world.  And those royals are just a pain in me arse.

5. AHAHAHA, So I was totally at last year’s ball, super fun!  I ended up playing bagpipes most of the evening.

6. You ever get to thinking, that maybe this isn’t quite real? I mean I’ve been sitting here for what seems like hours, but honestly it’s only probably been like ten minutes. 

7. There I was sitting on my stoop, and all of a sudden a herd of pigs tramples my rose bushes!

8. Nhoj is just a strange cat.  I saw him here once.  The guy ordered water, I mean have you seen the colour of the water?  I wouldn’t feed that to my cat!

9. Just had a tax collector stop by.  I said “I paid you last week! Why are you coming around again?”  If this keeps up I’m moving to the countryside.  Maybe I can hide from those buggers.

10. The strange thing is that I just saw a bunch of adventurers come in here.  They were shuffling around and drinking, trying to find out the latest news.  They went towards the town square.  One guy was pretty ugly, missing some teeth.

If you would like to join in the fun of a collaborative dungeon product, head on over to the google plus community.  We still have a lot of rooms left to go! So far it's turning out amazing!

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