Thursday, April 5, 2018

Rebel Breakout!

I finally had a chance to read "rebel breakout" and the Star Wars d6 rules from WEG this past weekend.  Pretty much everything is making sense mechanically, except one thing.  How the hell damage works.  From what I gather the following happens:

A check is made to see if a hit is actually made.  That is then compared to a armour check, whatever the difference is between those two rolls you then look up on a chart and see if the victim is stunned, incapacitated or really hurt.  Regardless of those conditions the victims stats rolls are all decreased by 1D until they are healed in some way.

I'm sure it will work out fine at the table, but wrapping my head around it is slightly difficult!

I'm going to print off the pre gen characters and basically lay them out on the table for everyone to decide what they are going to be.  I am hoping not to have 2 of the same character.  I also will print off the basic DM rules/charts in the back of the book.  Then run everything with the pdf on my laptop.

The adventure in the book "rebel breakout" is pretty cool, a little railroadey, but oh well.  My only issue is that the maps kinda suck.  So I may have to re jigger them a bit.  Seems like there are a lot of side passages.

Anyways, I'm excited to give this a go.  I am unsure if I'll try and find another module to run or just write something myself.  I'm thinking after the first game, the group may get a bit addicted and want to play every week.  So a module might be a better plan.  I also intend to just use the first ed rules, I know there are illegal copies out there of all this stuff including the rules for the 2e version.  But reading the first ed, just seems easy enough to me, without adding extra rules in my head. 

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