Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Black hack playtest part deux

Reconvened with Matt and the gang on Monday night for another session of Black Hack.  I have to say, much like any other system the more I play it the more I get it.  At first the usage dice, and the way armour works didn't make much semblance of sense.  That said, Matt was able to explain it relatively well.

Matt had some thoughts on TBH on his podcast here:

One thing I find when learning a new game, is to sit and create characters, and all the character types.  That is the best way for me to figure out how all the mechanics work and effect each other.  I spent a bit of time yesterday rolling up clerics, wizards and fighters for TBH.  In our current game I'm playing a thief, which I'm finding more and more is my "go to" character.

I have yet to do this exercise with 5e.  A thing I should eventually do.  Although you already know my thoughts on fifth ed.  

I have to say the adventure is crazy gonzo! Last week we started off outside this wacky tower that had bubbles blowing from the top of it.  This week we got to the second level, and found a unicorn hooked up to some kinda masheen, that was basically nursing him like a cow (yes him).  And he was pooping strange gemstones.  There was a bunch of weirdos that were watching this ficasco.  We started doing some negotiations, but it appears they are all on drugs or in some kinda trance, including the unicorn!

I believe we left off having just got into a fight. I'll have to look at my notes. 

I may or may not have mentioned this, but if you try out the black hack, I'd suggest printing off a copy of whatever character class you are playing.  It's a handy little reference as to what you can and cannot do, and what things you get advantage on.  Super handy!

I can't wait for next week!

It feels good to be gaming again.

Also I'm so getting the itch to run something. 

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