Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Considering a change of address

With the news that G+ is caputz, and that I've lost all my comments on blogger, I am a bit on the fence as to whether I'll be staying here (blogspot).  I'm aware that I can export this whole thing out and import into a platform like wordpress.  And I may just do that.  The bugger of that is I still have to go and recreate all the extra little pages that I have on here, my blog roll that I use on a regular basis, etc. 

The other thing that I'm wondering is, "do I still have some gas in the tank?" 

When I first started blogging about RPGs I was genuinely REALLY excited.  As of late, that has waxed a bit.  At least as far as creative output is concerned.  I feel like there are a few reasons why:

1.  While G+ turned into a tire fire a LOT, there was a pile of creativity happening.  With the break of the OSR (everyone going somewhere, not all of us together), I find I'm seeing & hearing about less things. 

MeWe is cool, and I'm enjoying it.   Honestly though its more friends that I have on there.  I think on G+ I was following like 700 people, on mewe I think I've got about 100 at the most.  Sorry ranting here... even the OSR group on Mewe is a lot smaller, and it's mostly just blog posts.  That said I feel like I should still keep bloggin (It's getting people to know where the hell I went is the trick). 

2.  Because of the break up, the audience and views has changed.

3.  Because of the amount of content I was seeing, it just pushed me to keep making even more content!

4.  I've been super busy as of late, and I haven't really had much time for gaming.  When I do get to play in the next little while it'll be 5e and I won't have a lot to say honestly.  My personal focus has been switched to Advanced fighting fantasy latetly.

5.  Blogging takes away from writing.  Which is fine, but with less of a distraction maybe I'll get more shit done.  That said, I'm unsure how many 3 Toadstool releases are going to make their way to the light of day in the next year.  My focus as of late is working on a home sandbox idea for AFF (if I ever get a better computer and some actual time during the week I'd like to run some games... that however seems like a crap shoot).  I'd really like to put something out for AFF.  Just a download here.

6.  My company is currently moving (well almost moved), so that has been tying up a lot of my mental and physical resources for the last few months.  Which has left me bagged and meloncoly when I get home.  (Hence less posts, yadda).

So I'm at a loss, because I'm a bit worried that blogger is going to go away, and I'm unsure as to wether I have more to say? If that makes any sense. 

Whatever the case, If I decide to pull the pin, I'll create the site.  Archive this one (and import to the new one) and then leave a post here saying "FIND ME HERE!"

Hope all is well with everyone and you've been getting some games in!  I've been creating some AFF characters at home, and just re-reading the rules. 


  1. Yeah, I’m tempted to just register my blog name as it’s own website (unless some jerk has beat me to it) and leave a forwarding link on Blogger until Blogger goes belly up.

  2. I think it'd be a smart move. MeWe is all well and good but blogs are a different medium, and one that personally I prefer. Setting up a new site can require a bit more work (not so much if you choose Wordpress) but IMHO it's worth it: you don't have to worry about some megacorp pulling the plug and thus destroying your brand/network. If you have your domain and, let's say, your wordpress, you can move to another hosting provider without changing address and in the end you have complete control on your platform and your content.

    1. I think I will probably go with wordpress. I am looking forward to the redesign phase. Seems reasonably easy to output everything in a blogger file. And then yah I'll just leave a post here saying - this is where I am now. I used to use wordpress for work blogs, and its come along way. The GUI was wacky for a long time. It's got better. I know that sometimes the formatting is odd when you copy & paste from a word doc, so I'll keep that in mind. latetly I've been doing most of my posts in notepad first anyways. Thanks for the advice. And I agree, the idea of everything getting blown up, freaks me out! And if i get this done now, then there is no rush/worry when they do pull the pin on blogger.

    2. Definitely. If you write your posts as text files first, something I do too, then I can give you two more ideas:

      * I know there are desktop editors that can publish posts directly to wordpress. So, you can edit (and save) them locally and publish them by pushing a button. Disclaimer: I tried a couple of them lots of time ago. They can be a good solution to make things easier.
      * If you are sufficiently tech savvy, you can also go for the static site compiler route. It's quite convenient to write posts in some markup format (like markdown), version-control them, and publish the site with a command. But this way for adding comments you should also use a third-party service like Disqus (which have a nice side-effect: the commenters retain control of the comments and they remain available even if the original site goes offline).

  3. You can directly import Google docs to Wordpress.

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