Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Wooo! Winner winner chicken dinner!

So a few weeks ago, Gothridge Manor held a contest for signing up to his mailing list.  The winners were picked at random by rolling percentile dice (seriously you can't more D&D than that can you?)  And I won! (Which I blame my Irish heritage on).  Anyways, the other day I got the package in the mail, which was very nice.  Considering mailing anything to Canada is stupid expensive!

Here's the unboxing (with my lovely wife model Jen).

I was thinking the tavern cards could be a fun game as part of a drinking & carousing thing.  The idea would be the following:  Every player gets 5 cards, and throws three back (after they look at them).  The cards that have been kept get thrown on the table and you build the tavern (and story) with the cards.

I urge you to go check out Tim's new awesome site!  He's got a pile of books for sale in his store.

Take it easy everyone!


  1. That is a fun idea. Did you just make the up on the spot?

  2. I believe these are the ones.