Tuesday, December 29, 2020


It occurred to me the other night that there must have been someone out there that used the civilization 3 map editor to create their own fantasy kingdom at some point.  I fondly remember creating maps for civ 3 and for Warcraft 2.  This might have been where I got my mapping love from.  

Much like everyone has a "fantasy heartbreaker" set of home brew rules, I'm also starting to believe that people have their own "fantasty hearthbreaker" world.  Whether it's actually in use, or just in their imagination.  In working on the nightwell barony, I started to think about my old basic fantasy campaign (read the play reports here),  And Crimhuck.  

What I may do when I have some time is amalgamate the BF campaign world and the nightwell barony, and possibly crimhuck into a large continent using Inkarnate (or maybe the Civ 3 editior!).  Alternatively I can always jump into hexographer (Which I'm still amazed that I found a mac osx version of!).  

The idea that these players co-exist has crossed my mind before.  Who knows what will happen when I draw out the areas that are "known", and what happens with the unknown regions? Maybe the muse will be light and I'll find new places for my players to explore (plunder and maybe die?).  


I need to delete facebook.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, its an epic waste of time.  I intend to use my tablet in the mornings having coffee and catching up on things.  I used to spend a lot of time on twitter, and may post there more often.  What I am going to do, which is FAR more productive is put my tablet away in my footrest and leave AD&D books beside my coffee table.  When I think "Hey I should see what is up on FB" I"ll grab a nerd book instead.  Wish me luck. 

There are so many places to find like minded RPG nerds nowadays, but I still long for G+. 

The problem with spending time online, is that I don't really get anything done. 


Does anyone know of a primer for teaching 5e players about 2nd Edition? I know that they are very similar, but the style of play is vastly different in my opinion.  The endless "I'll make this check" rolls d20 is starting to get to me. That and I have a TON of AD&D books that I want to use again. 

Maybe its time for a new campaign! hahha.... Shane finish the one you are on..... finish it.....

Okay that was a TON of ADHD today.  Have fun kids! 

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