Monday, July 12, 2021

Little update

 A long time ago I pondered the idea of running a open table mega dungeon.  I still may do that at some point.  Likely toee.   I've been really enjoying the looseness of the isle of dread games, we get together once a week for 2 hours.  Not a huge commitment, and if something gets in the way that's fine.  The isle is good for dropins! Thus far I haven't felt I needed more.  Although the gamer add hankering is always in the back of my mind.  

Summer always puts a hitch in the giddyup of gaming.  Currently on a hiatus from the Thursday game with Matt & co. The last few weeks of isle have been hit and miss as well.  The nice thing is when winter rolls around, I'd prefer to be in he basement gaming, summer is a different story. Typically in Manitoba, Canada we get basically three months of warm weather.  So it's preferable to enjoy as much as you can.

After isle we may jump back into 5e for a bit.  Likely I'll run adventures from the greyhawk adventures 2e boxed set.  Basic rules likely.

With my upcoming vacation, I'm going to spend sometime rereading the boxed set and possibly the core 2e books.

I've finished draft 1 of the one page dungeon contest,  hopefully I can tie that up before the deadline! End of July.

I started princes no art punk dungeon, but am having trouble getting it completed.  As is the case I'll likely wait to the last second.

Well I better get my butt to work!

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