Monday, April 15, 2013

The 2nd Adventure

I haven't been able to play my latest creation yet! I had thought about doing it last week, but there was just so much stuff going on, so we left it alone.  regardless of the outcome of the adventure I've decided to create a few extra adventures, that will allow the players some "choice" in what they would like to do next.  The hook from the 2nd adventure involves 2 things

1 - finding another dwarfen key to get into some ruins
2 - possibly accompanying an NPC to speak with the lord about possible assassination attempts.

I would hazard to guess that number 2 is far more likely at this point, So I will write out a few notes on that.

However I think I would like to have about 3 more adventures prepped in the wings for when they PC's decide they would like to do something different.  I've thought a bit about sandboxing, and I may still do that, as I created a bunch of random encounter pages.

I just finished reading an interesting article on prep work over here 

Since tonight I may have not much to do, I'm going to start coming up with a few random ideas for adventure seeds.  And possibly do a bit of writing as well.   I'm hoping to continue to have the PC's based out of the small town of Debinshire, regardless of whether they travel to speak with the Lord.

One idea that came to mind is that if and when the travel, the town will be left somewhat unprotected.  Which could have some consequences.  As well, I've considered having the Lord's castle be under a bit of siege possibly.

Most importantly however, I think I will create a few side trek type adventures based out of the town, that could lead to a few other things.

Okay! so that was a vast amount of randomness this morning.

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