Thursday, April 18, 2013

You know when you can't sleep

And the only thing that's rolling around your head is adventure ideas, scenarios, worlds, villages, cities, castles, roll play mechanics, miniatures... Well that's what my head has been filled with every since the day I typed RPG into Google +

The nice thing about my job, is the computer tends to do a lot of my work, leaving me a bit of free time.    Today I'm designing a lost city, I haven't decided if it will be "lost" dwarfs or something different possibly.

The adventure seed came from a discussion at the OSR Google + forum (click on the nice OSR logo).  Anyways, the plan will be when the adventures get thru the first door of the city, underground they will run into a NPC that has just woken up, he was fast asleep for the last 300 years.  The backstory goes that he was sent out to find a cure for a horrible disease that was overtaking the population.  He made it back just before the Wizard of the ancients decided to put the rest of the population magically asleep until a cure could be found by the NPC.  Since he got detained, the Wizard acted quickly.

The thing is the NPC is not aware that any time has passed.

Atleast that's one thought.

The other thought is the PC's come into the city to realize it has been entirely wiped out centuries ago, and there are new inhabitants living within the ruins.

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