Sunday, November 30, 2014

If you're seeing things running through your head

Paranormal Investigators & Exterminators (PIE)

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From the good folks over at Genius Loci Games +Johua De Santo -

Artwork by +Frank Turfler 
Product Description
Ghost, demons, old gods and other paranormal entities have been appearing across the world for nearly thirty years. One group staved of the tide for a long time but as the threat of ghosts and goblins, specters and spooks overwhelm the planet they needed help … they needed to franchise!
You and your crew are new franchisee of the Paranormal Investigators & Exterminators (PIE), your job is to capture Paranormal Entities (PE) and make a tidy profit in doing so. A Homage to a frighteningly scary roleplaying game, Paranormal Investigators & Exterminators was developed for the mini-six roleplaying game system and features new and alternate rules in its lean 12 pages.
Alternate and New Rules and Equipment!
Two mini-adventures set in the PIE universe!
Three Pre-generated Characters so that you can jump right in!
Five blank character cards if you want to make your own characters!
Three paper-minis created and designed by Frank Turfler of the three pre-generated Characters!

Thoughts: This looks like a lot of fun!  A lot of my friends grew up loving a certain franchise, and while they are not exactly role player's per se, I think it would be relatively easy for me to talk them into this for sure!  As it stands, a few of us can pretty much quote that entire movie from start to finish.  

I digress.... It appears after a bit of google fu that the "Mini Six Roleplaying system" is based on Open D6 - reference -
Here is the system reference document -

Which makes me think for a little extra flavor you could add in the VSD6 system, which I believe is based on exploding dice.

DAMN  IT!!! This looks like a LOT of fun! 

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