Monday, November 10, 2014

Shane's retarded system for slightly balancing encounters in OSR games (Patent Pending)

K this is how I do it.  Basically I take the players collective hit dice (at lets say full strength).  So you got 4 players all level 1.  A maximum total of 32 HP's collectivelly if they are all fighters and all roll 8's for starting HPs.  As far as monsters are concerned, I can't throw the following at them ( +/- 1D8)

One big guy monster 4HD at the most
5 single HD monsters (there's that plus or minus, you don't want to make it exactly even do you! hence the one extra bad guy)

3 - 2HD monsters.

That's sorta how I look at it.  Obviously everyone is slightly different.  I just like the idea of there being some odds in there.  That's not to say I won't put a higher HD monster in a low level campaign.  I mean if there dumb enough to let em try, go ahead... meat....

How do you do it? Do you even worry about it?

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