Thursday, October 22, 2015

Creative ways to keep your PC's poor.

I remember giving away far too much gold as a GM.  Then reading an article about keeping the PC's poor.  The reasoning of course is adventure! Just simply robbing your characters while they are away is just so blah and basically a dick move.  That said, if the PC's are sitting on a pile of gold why would they leave their house?  Obviously you've got your PC's with Keeps they are building and a work force that they have to pay for.  Then you got the guys who live the lavish lifestyle with girls fawning them with large random plants, cups made out of gold.   Wizards just outright buying magical items, Yah get the gist.....

1.  Upon returning home the PC finds a group of 15 long lost relatives that have decided to make themselves perfectly at home in the PC's home!  Provisions are needed!

2.  Some spell has gone awry turning all the gold in the house into large pigeons.

3.  All the PC's non magical armour has rusted away from lack of use.  The PC must re-outfit his entire armoury.

4.  The local government has outlawed older gold pieces as currency and has in turn created a new currency based on limestone.  The exchange rates are horrible to the say the least.

5.  Your horse not only needs new horse shoes, but basically a whole new horse, there are nags that can move faster than this guy.

6.  A rather strange new holiday is coming up, "Turkey giblets and pie".  You've been assigned by the local church to come up with enough gold to help pay for most of the parishioners meals.  As well you must also find a turkey.

7.  A very large animal, possibly a dragon has stomped down most of your garden and nice shrubbery, you must pay for a gnome landscaper to re plant everything and build a higher fence.

8.  You receive a note demanding you pay back guild dues in the amount of 10,000 gold pieces including interest!  The thing is you've never heard of this guild, yet the letter is addressed to you.

9.  While you were away, a good portion of the town/city that you live in was burnt to the ground, with it your dwelling.  All of your worldly possessions are gone.  Chest of gold, melted to nothing.  To bad you didn't take up the offer from that strange door to door wizard who wanted to sell you nothing for something.  Insurance...

10.   You currently owe 500 GP's for next year's subscription of "Medieval Babes In Chainmail" (alternatively for female PC's, the "Knights Of the Round Table").

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