Wednesday, October 28, 2015

In case you missed it

Here is the teaser for my current collaboration project with +Thaumiel Nerub of +Doom Products.  The plan for the adventure is that its going to be a sandbox hex crawl based around a city.  Rather than the usual country side type hex crawl.  Of course there will be keyed areas, and a general plot line.  BUT! Don't Fret! its a sandbox, you can throw out the plot and create your own.  Hmm maybe I shouldn't have said plot, what I meant to say is that there's a wonderful list of rumors, a great back story and a list of a bunch of different factions that are competing within the city.  At this point the setting is a medieval city, however a great GM can switch this to whatever time period feels correctly.  Dark sun it up if you like!  How's about an oriental adventure, go fer it!

Within the module I plan to use some awesome art from Thaumiel, as well as +Frank Turfler 's awesome stuff.

And of course we have a city map by Mr. +Dyson Logos as the show piece to Barcombe.

I read the other day that "Rather than compete with people, its infinitely better to collaborate".   That I believe is the essence of our community.  Once we get this thing completely cooked, I am hoping we can have an open playtest within a community on G+.  Any and all suggestions will be taken, and revisions will take place.   Afterwards, this one's going to be a PWYW product.  And then... drumroll, Thaumiel and a friend are going to convert the entire thing to Finnish!  Seriously I fucking love the internet.

Here's the hex grid thus far.

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