Thursday, May 19, 2016

My Ribs Hurt - Old School Session 2

Seriously it was so funny.

At the last second yesterday, I decided instead of running a BF module, I would give two of my adventures a try.  The Tomb Of Gardag & The Lizardmen of Illzathatch.

As you know I'm currently working on a hex crawl for the world that the players are in, but it is not quite done.

First things first, as soon as the players sat down, I had them all roll on the d100 mildly plausible backgrounds for old school players.

My players eye's lit up as they rolled their backgrounds, and quickly came up with more reasons why they were all together, and tied their own semi created back stories up a bit better.  I have written down what everbody rolled (it is however at home).  But one of the Elves was a thief I believe, who stole something, he also got the re-roll twice, and managed to dream up a hilarious story.

Alright onto the adventure, as you know the players just finished up "Beneath Brymassen", and were doing the usual hang out in the tavern sort of thing.

The town burgomeister came in and talked with the PC's about a adventuring group that has went missing (Lizardmen of Illzathatch).  He told the PC's that the adventuring group had went north after a dragon and hadn't been seen in weeks.  Pointed them in the direction of the road leading north.  Part of the reason that the town want's to know what is up with the "Shields of atreu" is that they currently own a house in brymassen and they owe some back taxes!

The PC's head off north, manage to make a day's travel without much excitement and stop off at a small Inn on the road.  The "Balding Minotaur".  They sit down and order a drink.  At which point i go and grab a bottle of Saki and pour everyone a shot.

While they are hanging out, my wife's new character makes an appearance, and starts hanging out with the rest of them.  I killed her previous character last time.  I named the new PC "Oxanna", and she manged to do a funny Russian accent.

Onward!  So while hanging out in the tavern, the PC's meet up with a nice lady who's father was a cultist!  She tells them the back story, and agrees to pay the PC's half up front.  Swagger check. (cue Gardag!).

The PC's do a team huddle and decide to go after the dragon , and then deal with the cultist thing.

I'm happy that I managed to setup 2 adventures and give them a chance to decide what they wanted to do for themselves.

Next morning, they make it to a small cave about a half a day's ride from the Inn.  They wander around the dungeons, not getting into too much trouble.  They finally happen upon a bunch of lizardmen working and gambling.  One is smithing some crudely made weapons.

Reaction check. The Lizardmen are not outright hostile.  They talk a bit with the PC's and for most of the questions they say "it is what the master wants".  (the lizardmen are charmed by something within the dungeon.... I shouldn't put too many spoilers in here, in case one of the players' read this.).

The PC's determine that the dragon may be somewhere north of their present location.  The Pc's had to break down the door to get into the lizardmen room.  And one of the players asks "If the door was locked how do you leave this room?".  To which one of the lizardmen says "easy the north exit!".

Laughter ensue.

While traversing the dungeon the PC's notice a secret door and decide to open it.  The thief decides to yell "WHAT HO!" as soon as the door opens.  A giant rattler sticks it's head out and gets a free surprise round on the thief!

They manage to do away with the snake quickly.  In the room is a steal chest.  As the players are immensely concerned about Mimics, I decide in my infite wisdom to have a magic mouth spell on the chest.  Egad was that a hilarious role play.  "Alright I'll hit it with my spear".   So funny.  They finally realized that the chest didn't mean any harm.

They wander off and find a room with a well and a bucket.  This is where PC paranoia is so funny!  They seem to think that the bucket might in fact be a "Murder bucket".  As after they pulled it, it went back to its original place.  Once again Mimic paranoia.  It reality the well provided some healing properties.  They went so far as to lower a halfling down the well.  To which I started counting backwards from 30, for her "holding her breath" hahah.  Finally after they realized that it was not in fact a murder bucket, they tried to use it twice.  And that my friends is when I said

"You go to take a drink and as you tip the bucket the water disappears out of the bottom".

Finally the PC's make it to another room with lizardmen, and promptly start a huge fight!

And that is where we left it that night.  Honestly it was so funny.  I decided to start using "Inspiration" mechanic.  Just because they were role playing so well, I figured I'd give them a bit of a bonus.

Side note, I'm considering ordering S&W whitebox, I just read thru it the other day, and I quite like it.  Not that there's anything wrong with BF, but I like the idea of a bit more trimmed down rules.  I know they are similar.  What I have learned is that I really like not having rules get in the way of playing.  That or I might just have to finally finish the hack I started working on.

Another thing I realized is that I'm not a huge fan of DC based ability checks, I think I will make a house ruling that it will be the "roll under".  As it just makes a bit more sense in my head.  And will allow PC's to do a few more epic things without having to be a higher level first.

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