Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Sometimes I forget things

My old school group has been going well, and we were discussing our next session which should be in a few weeks probably a tuesday.  All of the players are really enjoying themselves, and just the act of playing games.  They have no real idea of the culture of D&D, or any "back story" per se, as far as the game goes.  Whilst discussing when to possibly meet up I got super excited and sent an email talking about a new module I was looking at running, and I got really into "well we may try this version of the game" etc.  My wife gave me a bit of shit for it.  Basically because I don't need to ruin anything for the players, or talk to much about the game.  Just enjoy the game for what it is.  Problem is I can't help myself, because I'm always planning, and always thinking on how to make my game better.  I'm sure this is a problem for a lot of us.  If I was smart I would have just posted on this blog and talked to the rest of my D&D afficicanado's.  But instead I decided to both the players with my excitment.  The other issue of course is my mild to major A.D.D, depending on the day.  A lot of times I tend to get super excited and just blurb like a goof. 

So the things that have been on my mind thus far.

Switching to S&W Whitebox.

Running Sourge of the slave lords

Finishing up my little hex crawl and adding in some adventures from the Basic Fantasy Adventure Anthology.

and last but not least a few old Mystara adaventures including, Isle of Dread & Saga of the shadow mage. 

Oh and I had one brilliant thought of switching to 2nd edition.  Iyeyeyeye Shane! And one minor thought of playing with just the original basic rules red book.

This is the stuff, that I don't need to bother people with.  Esspecially people who just want to play. 

So take my advice, if your players don't want to discuss stuff like this, and just want to have fun.  Just do that.  Keep all your crazy DM ideas to yourself and discuss them openly on your blog.  (hopefully your players don't read it!).

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