Sunday, May 22, 2016

Why I might switch to S&W Whitebox

The more I play old school games, the more I like less rules.  The more I enjoy rulings.  We have been playing basicfantasy, which I adore and is really a great game, however I've been reading S&W Whitebox latetly and there are certain things about it I'm really digging.  Mostly the trimmed down stats.

First off, I like that there is one saving throw, secondly I like the stat bonus's being only +1 or -1.

(Currently reading the 3rd printing).

I like that the characters all get d6 based hit points, as well I like the exculsion of the thief as far as the classes go.  If I was running this I think I would just have thief skills based on dexterity checks and leave it at that.

I also like the d6 based damage from all weapons!  That's a lot easier!  I would even add DEX based initiave I think, from Holmes edition.

Oh and another change that is worth noting, monster's HD are based on d6's as well.  Basically you can play this whole game with a few d6's and a d20.

The levelling up is fairly straight forward for each of the classes, as well I like that the levels only go to Level 10.  

I think I may just give this a go at the next session.

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