Thursday, May 26, 2016


Last night I was revising "caverns of ugard".  I was using a pdf of labryinth lord rules, and I find it easy to do a Ctrl F when I'm looking for something.  I had just typed in piranha.  Then I went to look for spider.  But it didn't delete the previous word, so i had it looking for PIRANHASPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I need to find someone who wants to draw it! 
Here's the stats.

Piranhaspider AC 6, HD 3, MV 180’ (60’), #AT 1, D 1D6, Save F3, ML 9 , AL Chaotic, XP 150

The Piranhaspider will ussually appear in groups of 3.  They will attack anything that has meat on its bones.  The Piranhaspider can inject a poision that will cause the victim to become limp (save vs petrify).  They have extemely high morale and will fight to the death.  Once they have their victim subued they will take them to underground lairs filled with strange water soluable webs, where they will either munch down, or save the victim for a snack.

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