Monday, September 19, 2016

A couple of updates from the Pyramid Of The Lost King Kickstarter

A few little updates:

New art piece by an outsider 

Art Lite Almost Here! 

We are currently sitting at 69 pages down of the art-lite version of the pdf.  Jim had a family emergency last week so we are a little behind on the final section that I am waiting on (The Pyramid complex itself) but I feel confident that we should hit the dead-line.

The Art

Frank is currently working on 6 pieces: 3 important NPC pieces, 2 "chapter" images, and a dungeon set-piece.  He is contracted for about 5 more but I am waiting for him to catch up as I don't want to overwhelm him more than I already have.
Also, given last week's post I feel that I should give a head's up that there will be one piece of stock art in the adventure.  This is due to nothing more than the character the art belong's too has shown up in Previous Usarm adventures and a single stock image was used there as well.  I decided to keep the image used for the character for the sake of consistency.  READ MORE
 I was hoping to wait to respond as there are several sections that are still in editing, however, it appears that I cannot.  We are in layout ... for the most part.  There are still several pieces of art that need to be completed.  Being that I am not using stock art and have been using primarily one artist through this process I cannot just go to RPGnow and download some stock from Fat Goblin and call it a day.
Once the other sections are completed in editing I shall finish the layout and release an art-lite copy on drop box for everyone until the art is finalized and added in.  Once that happens I will be placing it on RPGnow/DrivethruRPG and sending everyone their PDF links for download.  At the same time I will be awaiting the proof so that I can send out the At-Cost links to everyone who was kind enough to order a physical copy. READ MORE
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