Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Lands south of Crimhuck

If you may have noticed I've slowed down posting things about Crimhuck, however the current old school campaign I've been running I decided that it is placed south of the continent of Crimhuck.  (that was a horribly written sentence).

Anyways, the campaign is going well, albeit I'm writing like mad.  Which is a good thing and bad thing.  It seems almost every two weeks we are playing and the whole thing is slowly taking shape.  I've got enough ammo for the next 2 sessions and after that I'll do a bit more writing.  The nice thing about this is that If I release it, its basically been play tested, which is kind of nice.  It's very typical fantasy however.  Although a few things have been skewed.  For example the players are pretty sure that Elerd is a vampire, since he's been alive for god knows how long.  Just realized that he could have found the secret to everlasting life thru ye old philosopher's stone type situation.  Basically a random alchemist who got really lucky.  (also typical)  However the players are aware that people have been winding up dead, and that pointed directly to the old vampire.  Of course it could just be a plague, or perhaps werewolves.

As it is, my thoughts have been turning to system neutral of late.  After reading blacksand I've been thinking a lot about 2d6, and 3d6 tables.  (which are somewhat system neutral).  As well I just read a "world" download that appeared on drivethrurpg.  My only issue is that world's in general are not something that appeal to me as far as running directly, but they are great for pulling awesome ideas out of.

Obviously this is a helluva a rambling post.


1.  Got a pile of adventures coming together into a helluva a campaign
2.  It'll be fairly straight forward to add a bunch of side trek quests
3.  Fleshing out the rest of the villages, townships and the keep should be relatively easy.
4.  I've got a world that's been started already that I can flesh out as well.
5.  The conundrum of writing rules: System Neutral, LL, or OSR ala maze of the blue medusa (basically they wrote you can pretty much play this with any osr system, here's the basic stats, which I quite like).

Yeah, I'll need some more coffee.

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