Thursday, September 1, 2016

random puzzle room

I've been working on an adventure, in which the PC's basically fall thru a wormhole into a Demon's dungeon.  It's a rescue situation.  I'm trying to follow the "5 Room Dungeon" idea.


Specifically this:
Room 1: Entrance And Guardian
Room 2: Puzzle Or Roleplaying Challenge
Room 3: Red Herring
Room 4: Climax, Big Battle Or Conflict
Room 5: Plot Twist 

Below is the puzzle room that I've created.

1   Puzzle Room:  As you walk  into the room all of the doors lock behind you, including the one on the other side of the room.  The Room is completely bare, the walls are made of old stone.   A large greenish mist starts to seep from the centre of the room, near the floor.  A large wooden table appears.  On it is the following.

Challenge 1 (Wisdom)
One large Bowl.
One small black bowl
*When the PC’s place the fruit in the large bowl and the tomatoes in the small bowl, the table disappears.  A voice says “well done”.

Challenge 2:  (Intelligence)
All of the fruit disappears on the table, a ghostly hand writes upon the table with flame.  A pile of wooden chips appear on the side of the table.  Underneath the riddle are 4 spots for tiles.

I can fly yet have no wings,
I beat down mountains, I conquer kings,
At once three different things am I,
As a continuous, whole I cannot die.
*the answer is time.

Challenge 3:  The table disappears, it is replaced by a wooden door.  The door is locked, it is in the centre of the room
*successful break down the door, or pick the lock

Challenge 4:  A voice booms GOOD YOUR DOING GOOD!
The greenish mist circulates thru the room.  2 pixies appear, one is green and cuddly looking, the other is black in colour and the opposite, long extended teeth, shaggy hair.  They float in the room, and then turn to you, speaking as one.

“You are almost done! Just this last test.”

The green pixie says “I would play a game of chance with you, if you win, I will let you pass the test!”
*Roll 1d6 and place it under a cup.  Then bet gold, roll 3d6 each, whoever is highest wins!  

Alternatively the PC’s can attempt to persuade the pixie by talking, and a charisma check.  If The pcs loose, they have to pass the other pixies test.  If they fail both, they are transported to the beginning room.  If the PC’s come back to this room they will fight a hoard of Imps.  3HD AC17 +3 to hit.

The black pixie says “I do not gamble, however if you can call tell me a joke, or a story, I may consider allowing you to pass”.  (charisma DC17 or roll under Charisma stat with a -2 mod on the roll)

If the PC’s trick or make one of the Pixies happy, they will be transported to the demons room, ROOM 7.

I went and created a dungeon map from donjon, (which is a seriously handy site!) its a bit bigger than 5 rooms, in reality its 9. But it should make for a interesting evening of entertainment.

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