Monday, September 12, 2016

Goblins: The Forgotten

Years ago a great plague spread across the lands.  While the plague made most fey type races violently ill, hundreds of goblinkind died outright.  Some believe that it was an attempt by the God's to destroy the races of Goblins, and in a sense rid the world of their nuisance.  Unfortunately for the God's the plague didn't work out well in their favour.  The goblins did die, however they came back as Zombies.  

Over the years, the "forgotten" have been killed off for the most part, by Adventurer's and their own kind.  Yet some still remain.  They generally resemble Goblins, except the overwhelming stench of decay, limbs hanging on by veins, etc.  Just like Zombies, the Forgotten walk quite slow, and are extremely brutal and hungry.  These creatures are often found in long forgotten goblin lairs.  

*Turn as 3HD undead. 

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