Monday, September 5, 2016

Letter to Fink

This is a player handout for my current old school session.  The player decided that his character was named Finkelidiator Marcoqsiade The 6th (estimated!).  Of course at some point he actually found a book detailing Fink The 0.5!  Now you might be asking yourself? Why....0.5!  

Well here's the story. 

I wasn't always known as Finkelidiator Marcoqsiade, my real name is in fact Gus Greensleeves. I grew up as a Berry farmer in the neverwinter wood. We were a small village removed from the lands of the King at the time. I remember distinctly what she looked like, blonde hair, pointy ears, and mellow skin. The princess and her entourage came  thru our village merely by happenstance. I guess they were bird watching at the time. I instantly fell in love with her. Of course I of un-noble birth did not stand a chance.  Despite that, I felt a longing for her.
Things would change though. I met a witch and she told me how to go about it. With some ingredients and luck, we were able to change my appearance. Making me much stronger and a bit nobler. I went of in search of adventures. The only way to win the lady's heart, was to become a great hero and that is exactly what I did with my new found strength.
I fought and killed many great beasts, including Minotaur’s and Manticores.
With a few bribes, I was able to have some bards sing tales of me. Then it was just a matter of winning her heart.  The ground work was laid. 
In the tales the bard’s sang I was known as the “Hero of Neverwinter”. 

In reality I was always be Gus….

She gave birth to the real. Finkelidiator Marcoqsiade the first.  Hence the point five. 

-     The year of 1218 AW, Gus.   

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