Tuesday, February 7, 2017

First attempt at a side view map

This is my first attempt at a side view map.  I took a look at Dyson's examples & the map in the Basic Dnd (1981) book.  This is going to be for our Mutant Future campaign.  As well I've designed a quick little hex that I'm filling.

As a side note some of my players read this blog, so I probably won't post too many spoilers on the campaign.  What I would like to do, is draw everything myself.  I had used Wizard Dawn Magazine to create a basic outline for a campaign, and while it is a super handy resource.  I think my best bet is to really tailor it to what I want to do.  (also map practice).

So the hexmap is hexographer which I just downloaded the other day.  And the side view is just a picture from last night.  When I have a bit more time I'll do it up in GIMP and see how it turns out.  I may even give this another go from the top.  Since the water comes from nowhere and there are no air chimneys.

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