Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Teaser! - An Invitation From The Blue Baron.

Tomorrow this gets released.  For free! Please pass it on, print it, play it, use it to feed rather hungry treefolk and or corrupt computer bugs, whatever you'd like.

Since I can't wait, because I'm a friggin anxious person, here's a teaser.

Room 18.  How do you catch a cat? 

The doors to this room are closed but unlocked, the room is very warm, there is a large fireplace burning brightly on the east wall.  Throughout the room are very large wooden boxes of different sizes and shapes, every single one of them is occupied by a large cat.  They are lazily bathing, yawning or sleeping and generally have an oblivious attitude about everything.  Sitting around a large table in the centre of the room are five older looking hobgoblins in dresses, they are sipping wine and playing cards.  (One of the wooden boxes contains 5 gems worth 30 GPs each, and a silver locket with a mirror within it, 40 GPs).  (Buried beneath the floorboards in the room is a secret stash of gold, 600 GPs, in a trapped and locked chest). 

One of these ladies is the baron's wife Maria, and these are her friends.  Maria doesn’t partake much in the baron’s parties, and prefers to be accompanied by her friends and beloved cats.  If any of the players do anything untoward Maria has the ability to have the cats attack with a simple gesture. 

Domestic Cats (6) AC 9, HD 1d6-1, MV 15, ATT 2 Claws, DMG 1d2 each, XP 5, AL N, SAVE F1

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