Monday, February 6, 2017

For once I feel like i'm actually going to complete something!

And as they say "with a little help from my friends".  The collaborative dungeon project started the first week of January, and here we are at the start of February.  I've said out loud "I'm going to try and get this bugger done by the end of February", and for once I feel like this is actually going to be a possibility!  At this point I have 4 rooms to go, which should be relatively easy.  Next step afterwards is to download the whole thing and pop it into word for some editing, double check grammar etc.

So hopefully if all goes well there should be a free download at the end of February! Wooo.

Which is giving me a much needed kick in the arse. (Creatively speaking).  Normally I get ahead of myself and start laying shit out before I finish.  And of course I did just that again.  This honestly just gives me a bit of fuel to get it done.

Here's the example in case your curious. 

Onto other cool things...

Eric at Swords & Stichery gave me an awesome shout out, regarding one of the tables I created awhile ago.

Honestly if your not checking Swords & Stichery every day, you really should.  Eric has infinite cool ideas, reviews. 

I really like writing tables, like I really do!   d100 tables are fun, but can be time consuming to come up with coolness on every line. The other day I wrote some d6 tables, which I'm going to try and do more of.  The nice thing about d6 tables is everyone has d6s.  I may eventually stream line some stuff to 2d6, 3d6 tables just for the sake of easiness.

Anyways that's my update for the morning! Have a good one.   (Here's my fav version, earworm time!) 

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